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We are a leading Organisation Development firm based in Norfolk, United Kingdom with extensive experience in organisation health assessment, coaching and mentoring, and facilitation and mediation. We are  dedicated to help organisations thrive by identifying areas for improvement and implementing effective strategies for development.

We offer facilitated action learning sets to promote collaborative learning 

What makes us unique is our deep understanding of the  challenges faced by organisations today. Using our expertise and experience, we co-create with you, tailored solutions that address your needs. Whether it's conducting comprehensive organisation health assessments, providing personalised coaching and mentoring, facilitating productive dialogues, or leading complex mediations, we are committed to delivering results that meet your objectives.

Dr Catherine Guelbert-Thick, Managing Director


Unlocking Your Potential

Organisation Assessment

Identify your organisation's strengths and areas for development through our  assessment process. We use Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to explore organisation dynamics. Whether you are a team that wants to elevate performance or one that is struggling, the AI process is predicated on values of respect and openness. Using an evidence based process, we  support individuals to contribute to a generative dialogue and to co-create strategies for positive change

  • Objective assessments
  • Discovery process using Appreciative Inquiry
  • Valuable feedback informs organisation development planning
  • Inclusive, engagement of all staff
  • Promotes candour 

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Executive coaching is one the the most effective ways of promoting professional  development

Our approach is based on the principle of unconditional positive regard and we work with you to understand your professional and leadership challenges through non- advisory conversation, feedback and reflective practice

Our mentoring support is based on 40 years experience of working in complex adpative systems. We will support your thinking and decision making with dialogue and feedback and bring to those conversations the wisdom of learning from life, mistakes and successes

  • Confidential
  • Positive
  • Person centric
  • Work focussed
  • Promotes personal and professional growth

Board and Executive team development

We specialise in board development that  helps organisations develop their most senior  leadership team, ensures effective decision-making, and promotes ethical conduct at board level. We understand the unique challenges faced by boards and work closely with them to develop effective strategies for managing their unusual and often misunderstood role

We will support your  board members to understand what good governance looks like, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to lead with confidence and integrity. We believe that a strong and well-functioning board provides the critical role model for a  successful organisation, and our expertise in board development enables us to help boards thrive and achieve their goals. 

  • Board development
  • Governance
  • Effective strategic leadership
  • Strageic appreciation and acumen
  • Decision making
  • Assurance
  • Holding to account 

Conflict resolution

Conflict happens. It's a fact of life. We don't always get on with everyone and relationships can breakdown for many reasons. We understand that conflict situations can prevent people from feeling their best, inhibit performance at work and impacts on personal lives. 

Our approach uses facilitation and mediation to enable people to understand what is driving the conflict and to unpack the needs and interests that underly their position 

We aim to help you avoid litigation, disciplinary and other formal processes and to find emotional accomodation and practical solutions and agreements that enable you to move on with your life and work

If you have a legal team we will work with them to assist you in forming the best options and outcomes for you. 

  • Non- lawyer 
  • Quick, uncomplicated process
  • Person focussed
  • Practical, acceptable agreed solutions
  • Proceedings conducted in a very private and highly confidential setting

Action Learning 

Action learning is a powerful way of developing effective leaders. We create a safe and confidential environment for people to engage in generative dialogue and collaborative learning. Through our learning sets, we offer opportunities to explore problems with fresh questions, gain new insights, and enhance decision-making skills. With our focus on creating a safe space for professional development, we enable  complex challenges to be tackled with confidence

 We believe in the transformative power of action learning. With our tailored approach, we work closely with you to facilitate your learning journey, providing guidance and support as you navigate your professional challenges. By fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment, we encourage you to share experiences, learn from one another, and collectively grow. With our emphasis on confidential and generative dialogue,  we are your trusted partner in driving professional development through action learning.

  • Learning Sets for all industries and professions
  • Focus on professional challenges
  • Building personal and professional confidence
  • Addressing organisation challenges
  • Address people management issues
  • Managing downwards, upwards and outwards
  • Political awareness
  • Professional leadership development
  • Managing yourself
  • Managing your career

Why work with us

Experience the Difference


Everything we do is about you. Whether we are helping you understand your organisation, building your team's capacity, focussing on individual development or helping you resolve conflict, we are 100% with you


We understand that every organisation is unique. That's why we offer customised solutions tailored to meet your needs and goals

People focussed

At Aqcuity Limited, we are committed to delivering tangible results. Our people focussed approach ensures that the solutions we provide lead to measurable improvements in  organisation, team and individual performance

Our Team

Experienced Expert

With years of industry knowledge and a proven track record, we are passionate about delivering tailored solutions and creating the foundations for long-lasting results.

Catherine is an experienced facilitator, mediator and coach. She has worked in and with the NHS for 40 years and has supported education, housing, and construction in the roles of executive, NED, chair, and networker. Catherine is an alumnus of the Windsor Leadership Trust  and has been an active facilitator since 2007. Catherine is committed to supporting others to fulfil their potential as leaders through understanding the challenges and responsibilities that accompany a senior leadership role in society. She is an experienced coach and mentor, supervisor of practice and facilitator. She trained in mediation with David Richbell at the Charterd Institute of Arbitrators and is trained in conducting online mediations. Her credentials in Action Learning come from working with Professors Reginald Revans and David Botham at Manchester and Salford Universities. 

In her personal life, Catherine enjoys family life, keeps bees; producing honey and candles; is a qualified pilot, amateur historian, and is currently writing her first book about the nature of the housing crisis in England. She is a listening volunteer with Samaritans.

Professional links

We pride ourselves on the contribution that we make to the public sector, industry, and the charitable sector.  

Member EMCC

Aqcuity is an Associate Member of the EMCC and abides by it's code of conduct in coaching and mentoring practice. Catherine is a reviewer for the EMCC book club

Honorary Visiting Research Fellow Anglia Ruskin University

Catherine graduated with a Professional Doctorate from Anglia Ruskin University in November 2022. Since then she has secured a contract with Routledge to publish a book on the nature of England's housing crisis: what needs to change and why. She continues to have strong links with the Professional Doctorate Community, as a colleague and presenter and by supporting others in their doctoral journey 

Women in Construction Finalist 2015 

In 2015 Catherine was nominated for the award of Business Woman of the year in construction for her work in establishing the Building Growth Network in Norfolk. Catherine coontinues to support the construction industry as an Ambassador for Norfolk Constructing Excellence of which she was chair (2016-2020) and member since 2011


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